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    Salad & stirfry

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    B Sow Healthy Pea Shoots & Purple


    B Sow Healthy Pea Shoots 70G


    Co Op 2 Avocados


    Co Op 3 Mixed Peppers


    Co Op British Celery


    Co Op British Celery Sticks 350g


    Co Op British Salad Cress


    Co Op Broccoli 335g


    Co Op Chilli Beetroot 150g


    Co Op Iceberg Lettuce


    Co Op Iceberg Lettuce 250g


    Co Op Watercress 75g


    Co Op Wild Rocket 70g


    Co-op 2 Organic Mixed Peppers


    Out of Stock

    Co-op 2 Sweet Pointed Peppers


    Out of Stock

    Co-op Alfresco Sharing Salad 350g


    Co-op Baby Avocado


    Co-op Baby Leaf Salad 115g


    Co-op Baby Plum Tomatoes 250g


    Out of Stock

    Co-op Baby Spinach 125g


    Co-op Baby Spinach 300g


    Co-op Beansprouts 250g


    Co-op British 2 Red Gem Lettuce


    Co-op British Cooked Beetroot 250g


    Co-op British Pickled Beetroot 150g


    Co-op Cherry Tomatoes 330G


    Out of Stock

    Co-op Chow Mein Stir Fry Sauce 150g


    Co-op Dressing Caesar 150ml


    Co-op Dressing French Style 150ml


    Co-op Egg Noodles 250g


    Co-op Garden Salad 160g


    Co-op House Salad 105g


    Co-op Irresistible Piccolo Tomatoes 225g


    Co-op Little Gem Lettuce