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    Salad & stirfry

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    David Blake Whole Cucumber Each


    Co-op Red Peppers EACH


    JSY P/P TOMS 6s

    £1.59 £1.09



    Co Op Broccoli 335g


    Cherry Tomatoes 250g.

    £1.49 £1.00

    Co-op Baby Leaf Salad 115g


    Co Op 2 Avocados


    Co-op Baby Spinach 125g


    Co-op Little Gem Lettuce


    Co-op Iceberg Lettuce


    Co-op Trimmed Salad Onions 125G


    Co-op Irresistible Piccolo Tomatoes 225g

    £2.89 £2.39

    Co-op British Cooked Beetroot 250g


    Co-op Baby Spinach 300g


    Out of Stock


    Co Op British Celery


    Co-op Mixed Leaf Salad 100g


    Florette Classic Crispy 115g


    Co-op Organic Vine Tomatoes


    Co-op Sweet & Crunchy Salad 250g


    Co-op Mixed Vegetable Stir Fry 320g


    Co Op British Celery Sticks 350g


    Co Op British Salad Cress


    Co-op British 2 Red Gem Lettuce


    Co-op Egg Noodles 250g


    Co-op Beansprouts 250g


    Jersey Tomatoes on Vine 250G


    Out of Stock


    Co-op Alfresco Sharing Salad 350g


    Co-op Romaine Hearts


    Co-op House Salad 105g


    Out of Stock


    Co-op Plum & Hoisin Stir Fry Sauce 150g


    Co-op Rice Noodles 250g


    Co-op Organic 2 Avocados


    Out of Stock


    Co-op Garden Salad 160g


    Co-op Chow Mein Stir Fry Sauce 150g


    Co-op Organic Celery


    Co-op 2 Organic Mixed Peppers


    Co-op Sweet Bite Peppers 150g


    Co-op Wild Rocket 60g


    Co-op British Pickled Beetroot 150g