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    Milk, butter & eggs

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    Guernsey Low Fat Milk .


    Guernsey Skimmed Milk


    Guernsey Salted Butter 250g


    Guernsey Full Cream Milk


    Castel Free Range Eggs (Large)


    Castel Free Range Eggs Medium 6S


    Co-op British Large Free Range Eggs


    Co-op Medium Free Range Eggs 12S


    Castel Farm Guernsey Free Range Egg


    Guernsey Unsalted Butter 250g


    Alpro Almond No Sugars Chilled Drink 1L


    Alpro Soya Chilled Drink 1L


    Utterly Butterly Spread 500g


    Clover Spread 500g


    Pure Dairy Free Sunflower 500g


    Guernsey Dairy Low Fat Milk 1/2 Ltr


    Co Op British Double Cream 300ml


    Guernsey Double Cream 142ml


    Co Op British Soured Cream 150ml


    Co-op Large Free Range Eggs 6S


    Anchor Block Butter 250g


    Oatly Oat Drink Whole Chilled 1 Litre


    Bertolli Spread 500g


    Out of Stock


    Clover Light Spreads 500g


    Co Op British Single Cream 300ml


    Stork Spread 500g


    Co-op British Medium Free Range Egg


    Oatly Oat Drink Semi Chilled 1 Litre


    Alpro Oat Long Life Drink 1L


    Out of Stock


    Elmlea Double Light Alternative to


    Alpro Almond Long Life Drink 1L


    Out of Stock


    Castel Free Range Eggs (V. Large)


    Co-op Buttery 500g


    Alpro Soya Long Life Drink 1L