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    Antipasti & pickles

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    Co-op Pickled Baby Gherkins 340g


    Co-op Whole Pickled Gherkins 680g

    £1.85 £1.45

    Co Op Sundried Tomatoes in Oil 280g


    Branston Small Chunk Pickle 520g


    Co-op Pimento Stuffed Manzanilla Ol


    Branston Original Pickle 520g


    Co Op Chargrilled Peppers 280g


    Opies Capers with Spirit Vinegar 180g


    Co-op Sweet Piccalilli 375g


    Co-op Pickled Onions in Vinegar 440g


    Branston Small Chunk Pickle 360g


    Co Op Pickled Sliced Beetroot 710g


    Baxters Baby Beetroot 567g

    £1.99 £1.29

    Co Op Artichokes 280g


    Baxters Sliced Beetroot 567g

    £1.99 £1.29

    Baxters Baby Beetroot 340g


    Baxters Sliced Beetroot 340g


    Co Op Pickled Baby Beetroot 340g


    Out of Stock


    Baxters Crinkled Beetroot 340g


    Co-op Sweet Pickled Red Cabbage 335g


    Branston Smooth Pickle 370g


    Crespo Pitted Black Olives in Brine 354g


    Co Op Pickled Baby Beetroot 710g


    Co-op Whole Kalamata Olives 340G


    Dino's Famous Sweet Stacker Pickles 530g